The coastal city of Larnaca is located in the southeastern part of Cyprus and is one of the oldest cities of Cyprus, where archaeological discoveries from the 13th century have been unearthed. Although it is a resort city much like other seaside getaways in Cyprus, what makes Larnaca so special is its relaxed, laidback feel. Rather than being overwhelmed by a forest of high-rise apartments, the city still feels mostly untouched by the demands of modern tourism.

In the city of Larnaca, it is not uncommon to observe old men playing backgammon in the streets, while they wait for their bicycle delivery of traditional Cyprus coffee. The quaint and chill vibe of Larnaca makes it an essential destination to visit when you’re in Cyprus.

Larnaca is well known for its great sunny beaches with perfectly clear waters and the Blue Flag award-winning Makenzy, Phinikoudes, Faros and Kastella beaches, which are the most spectacular beaches on the island.

Finikoudes is the coastal pedestrian street and the beach alongside Athens Avenue, named after the palm trees on both sides of the road. It is the heart of Larnaca’s tourist area as it’s full of life all day long, especially during the Summer.


Centrally located on the island, Nicosia serves as the administrative, political, financial and cultural capital of Cyprus. Nicosia is well known for its modern, rich cultural and social life,and is an ideal destination for shopping among the various shopping malls in the city center and the shopping strips along the traditional streets in Makariou, Ledras, Onasagorou, Stassikratous and Mnasiadou.

Nicosia offers a variety of options to choose from, for both a day out and a night out. Cafes and restaurants in the old town and Laiki Geitonia offer sumptuous dishes of traditional Cypriot cuisine, delicious pastries and traditional cakes, ideally enjoyed with a traditional Cypriot coffee.

Nicosia is also popular for its nightlife, interspersed with numerous clubs which attract a mostly youthful crowd. You can also find regular DJ sets taking place at local bars and small concerts. If you prefer a more chill-out type of vibe, there are plenty of bar options in the old town where you can enjoy a KEO, a gold medal-winning locally brewed beer, or sample some of the local wines, in a relaxed traditional courtyard setting.

Visiting some of Nicosia’s greatest museums and galleries is a fantastic way to gain insight into the island’s art scene and ancient traditions. Leventis Municipal Museum and Cyprus Museum are the two must-visit museums of Nicosia.


Limassol is the second-largest city of Cyprus and is located between two ancient cities, Amathus on the East side and Kourion on the West.

Limassol combines rich Cypriot culture with sunny golden shores, while it also offers a wonderfully vibrant nightlife, perfectly aligned with its cultural traditions.

Mostly spread along the shoreline, Limassol is lined with miles and miles of endless beaches, mirrored by luxury high-rise apartment buildings with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, a feature which makes Limassol one of the most beautiful and sought-after cities in Europe.

An unquestionable stand-out feature of Limassol is the Limassol Marina and the nearby excellent restaurants and cafés clustered around the restored old town center. In this charming area, where the old port area meets the contemporary Marina, the old Carob Mill factories have been converted into eclectic international-standard restaurants that line the old city’s cobblestoned pathways. The ambience of this popular area attracts both locals and visitors from around the world.

Within the Limassol Marina are situated luxury villas and modern residential apartment complexes, a homonymous beach, yacht-clubs, a spa center, a fitness club, and places of general entertainment – The Central square, recreational areas, restaurants, cafes and boutique shops. Molos – the Central promenade of Limassol, is a multifunctional seaside Park that is considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean basin and one of the most vibrant places in the city.


Paphos is located in the southwestern part of Cyprus. It is divided into two: Paphos, which is also known as Ktima, considered to be the center of the city, and Kato Paphos, located on the coastline and the starting point of tourists’ stay in Paphos.

Paphos is a popular destination thanks to its mixture of pristine Mediterranean beaches and historical sites.

The Medieval Castle of Paphos is the central location of the many events taking place in Paphos, especially during the Summer.

Tombs of the Kings, also known as the necropolis of Nea Paphos, is found in the Northern and Eastern parts of the city, just outside the fortifications. This area, also called “Necropolis”, is an open area which reaches the sea and is strewn with sights and monuments from prehistoric to medieval times, although most of the ruins date back to the Roman period.

The most famous beach in Paphos is the Blue Lagoon beach; one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Cyprus, where visitors can swim or snorkel in the crystal blue waters or sunbake on the golden sand. Blue Lagoon beach is located at the west of Akamas in the Paphos district.


Famagusta is located Southeast of Cyprus and is a large-walled city, quite different to any other place in Cyprus.

Ayia Napa, in Famagusta, is the most popular tourist area in Cyprus, attracting visitors from all over the world, especially during the Summer months. Ayia Napa is famous for its superb crystal blue beaches and white sands, as well as its vibrant, cosmopolitan nightlife.

Tourist development both in the Ayia Napa area and throughout the free Famagusta District has been spectacular, playing an important role in the tourism sector and the economy of Cyprus.

Ayia Napa is well known for its all-night parties, the WaterWorld Themed Waterpark and the cruises on the magnificent blue waters.

Paralimni is the largest municipality in Famagusta’s free province and is located in the southeast of Cyprus. It has a rich culture and combines village traditions with the comforts of the modern city.

Protaras is the tourist area of Paralimni, a very popular tourist destination for local and foreign visitors. It is a truly blessed paradise of golden sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, alongside luxurious hotels that embrace the joyful atmosphere of the vibrant nightlife.

Sotira is one of the villages where medieval churches abound in Famagusta. Folk art museums like the one in Deryneia have wonderful rural artifacts on display.