Centrally located on the island, Nicosia serves as the administrative, political, financial and
cultural capital of Cyprus. Nicosia is well known for its modern, rich cultural and social life,and is an ideal destination for
shopping among the various shopping malls in the city center and the shopping strips along the traditional streets in Makariou, Ledras, Onasagorou, Stassikratous and Mnasiadou.

Nicosia offers a variety of options to choose from, for both a day out and a night out. Cafes and restaurants in the old town and Laiki Geitonia offer sumptuous dishes of traditional Cypriot cuisine, delicious pastries and traditional cakes, ideally enjoyed with a traditional Cypriot coffee.

Nicosia is also popular for its nightlife, interspersed with numerous clubs which attract a mostly youthful crowd. You can also find regular DJ sets taking place at local bars and small concerts. If you prefer a more chill-out type of vibe, there are plenty of bar options in the old town where you can enjoy a KEO, a gold medal-winning locally brewed beer, or sample some of the local wines, in a relaxed traditional courtyard setting.

Visiting some of Nicosia’s greatest museums and galleries is a fantastic way to gain insight into the island’s art scene and ancient traditions. Leventis Municipal Museum and Cyprus Museum are the two must-visit museums of Nicosia.

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