The coastal city of Larnaca is located in the southeastern part of Cyprus and is one of the oldest cities of Cyprus, where archaeological discoveries from the 13th century have been unearthed. Although it is a resort city much like other seaside getaways in Cyprus, what makes Larnaca so special is its relaxed, laidback feel. Rather than being overwhelmed by a forest of high-rise apartments, the city still feels mostly untouched by the demands of modern tourism.

In the city of Larnaca, it is not uncommon to observe old men playing backgammon in the streets, while they wait for their bicycle delivery of traditional Cyprus coffee. The quaint and chill vibe of Larnaca makes it an essential destination to visit
when you’re in Cyprus.

Larnaca is well known for its great sunny beaches with perfectly clear waters and the Blue Flag award-winning Makenzy, Phinikoudes, Faros and Kastella beaches, which are the most spectacular beaches on the island.

Finikoudes is the coastal pedestrian street and the beach alongside Athens Avenue, named after the palm trees on both sides of the road. It is the heart of Larnaca’s tourist area as it’s full of life all day long, especially during the Summer.

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